Sunday, 18 January 2009


Hmm. I've decided to delete all of my blog posts last year. I know I can never delete all of those memories, heart-aches, and all those shits of my past but I just don't want to read it back or let anyone read those shits; my 2k8 wasn't that bad 'coz I got lotsa good memories aswell. But justI wanna re-start my life this 2k9 so yeah! This blog? It's all about me, this 2k9. Well, who knows what's gonna happen, right? I'll keep you updated again. Share you all my thoughts and all that.

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Zandra Jhin Garcia, That's My Precious Name. ZJ[dot]Random ;; B[dot]Setza Are My Tag Names. Philippines Is Where I Grew Up&& Now I'm Livin' My Life Up In Greater London, United Kingdom (RM10) I Was Born On The 1st Of October 1992. Well, Yeah! I Know I'm Young; Way Too Young &&I Know That I Got Plenty Of Boys To See Yet Plenty Of Girls To Piss Off.
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